MATH 340 Topology Summer 2020

Rob Thompson Hunter College
Monday--Thursday 10:00am-11:53am Room: Online
July 13-August 13, 2020

Office: Hours: Generally M-Th, 2:00-3:00.

Exam One will be Monday, 8/3. We will cover everything we've done through Thursday, 7/30.

This is the exam, with and without solutions:

Here is a summary list of the topics that could be on the exam.

Here are some problems to do to get ready for the exam:

Practice problems
Here is the last installment of solutions, with solutions to all the problems.

We will had a quiz Thursday, 7/23. The topics were from Chapter 5.


Here is the quiz:

The final exam will be on Thursday, August 13, 10:00-11:53am, on Zoom.

The Homework Assignments

Basic Information About the Course:

Please Note: All summer 2020 session courses at Hunter are online. In this course we will hold synchronous, live, online classes, using Zoom, during the regularly scheduled time slot for the course. The office hours will also be online. To access my Zoom meeting space go to in your browser and you will be prompted to go to your zoom app. If you do not have a Zoom app installed you will have to do that first. You do not necessarily need to have an account with Zoom to install and use the app. If you go into the Zoom app directly just go to profthompson.

Recorded Classes

My Office:

My office hours for the summer term will for the most part be M-Th 12:00-1:00 pm. However there will be a couple of days when I have to change this, but I will announce that. You don't need to make an appointment for office hours, you can just drop in. The Zoom address is profthompson.



MATH 351 or the equivalent

Desired Learning Outcomes:

The student will assimilate the definitions of basic concepts Point Set Topology (otherwise known as General Topology). The student will learn thestatements of a number of fundamental theorems, and will study their proofs. The student will be doing homework problems which will involve some computations as well as proving various facts. The majority of the assessment will consist of written exams similar to the homework problems.


There will be regularly assigned homework, but it is not to be handed in. We will discuss homework problems in class and I will post some solutions. There will be a short quiz around the end of the second week, two exams later in the semester, one of which will probably be a take-home. There will be a final exam on the last day of class, August 13. Your course grade will be based on the quiz and exams, according to the following rubric: Quiz - 15%, Exams - 25% each, Final - 25%. In addition, class participation may be a factor in your grade.


This course is an introduction to General Topology, taught at a fairly abstract and conceptual level, with an emphasis on definitions, theorems, and proofs. The students will be doing proofs in the homework, as well as some computations. Here is a list of topics we hope to cover, roughly keyed to the table of contents of Schaum's Outline.