MATH-GA 2901 Basic Probability Summer 2020

Rob Thompson Courant Institute NYU
Tuesday/Thursday 6:00-8:20 Room: Online
May 26-July 2, 2019

Office: Hours: TTh 5:00-6:00pm

The Final Exam will be during the last class meeting, this Thursday, July 2, 6:00-8:20pm on Zoom.

The topics covered will be essentially everything we covered, except

We had the midterm Exam on Tuesday, June 23. Here are the solutions to the midterm exam.

I will be holding a review session for the final exam on Wednesday, July 1, at 6:00pm, to answer questions, go over homework problems, etc.

Here is a recording of the last review session.

Practice Problems

Here are some practice problems to study for the exam. These are not to be handed in. I will post solutions next week.

Class notes

Recorded classes

The Homework Assignments

Quiz/Exam solutions

Homework Solutions

Basic Information About the Course:

Please Note: All summer 2020 session courses at NYU are online. In this course we will hold synchronous, live, online classes, using Zoom, during the regularly scheduled time slot for the course. The office hours will also be online. To access my Zoom meeting space go to in your browser and you will be prompted to go to your zoom app. If you do not have a Zoom app installed you will have to do that first. You do not necessarily need to have an account with Zoom to install and use the app. If you go into the Zoom app directly just go to profthompson.

Midterm Exam

Topics to be Covered

The following are sections from the book that we are skipping:

The Homework Assignments

Homework Solutions

Practice Problems and Solutions

Quiz and Exam Solutions

Some Other References