Papers submitted by guest speakers

  • Alberto Baider:   The Differential Galois Group of a Laplace Integral
  • Manuel Bronstein:   Regular Bases for Algebraic Function Fields
                                         Solutions of Linear Differential Equations in Terms of Special Functions
  • Manuel Bronstein and Barry M. Trager: A Reduction for Regular Differential Systems
  • Phyllis J. Cassidy: The Converse of the Ritt-Raudenbush Theorem for Commutative Differential Hopf Algebras
  • Richard C. Churchill:   Liouville's Theorem on Integration in Terms of Elementary Functions
  • Richard C. Churchill:   An Irreducibility Criterion for Linear Differential Operators
                                             Cyclic Vectors
  • Lucia Di Vizio:  A q-Analogue of Grothendieck-Katz Conjecture on p-Curvatures
  • Jerry Kovacic:   Diffspec
                                 The Differential Galois Theory of Strongly Normal Extensions
                                 Hyperelliptic Jacobians in Differential Galois Theory
  • Mark van Hoeij: Descent for Differential Modules and Skew-Fields
  • M. Kondratieva and A. Ovchinnikov: On Computation of Kolchin Characteristic Sets: Ordinary and Partial Cases
  • Alexander Levin: Finitely Generated Difference Field Extensions
  • C. Mitschi and M.F. Singer: Solvable-by-Finite Groups as Differential Galois Groups
  • Sally Morrison:  Differential Polynomial Algebra
  • John Nahay:  Differential Resolvents are Complete and Useful
  • Alexey Ovchinnikov: Sections of a Differential Spectrum
  • Evgueny V. Pankratiev:  Standard Bases in Commutative and Differential Algebra
  • Emma Previato: Differential Equations Integrable by Algebraic Geometry I: A Survey of Methods
                                 II: Two Open Directions and their Interpretation
  • William Sit:  Linear Differential Ideals
  • Felix Ulmer:  Liouvillian Solutions of Linear Differential Equations
  • Marius van der Put:  Moduli of Differential Equations
  • V.S. Varadarajan:  Commutative Algebra, Group Theory, and Meromorphic Differential Equations
  • Ziming Li:   Finding Exponential Solutions of D-Finite Systems
                         Factoring Systems of Linear PDE's with Finite Dimensional Solutions Spaces
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